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Alicorn Chess by Etiluos Alicorn Chess by Etiluos
Some of it is explain in the drawing, only thing its not showing is the champions and immortals that where left out. -Comment who do you want to see as a Immortal or champion chess piece and what they did for Equestria to be a chess piece its gotta make sense, for any race. or Improvements that can be done.

--here on out its a old man rant even though I'm young --

I look around for some thing like Alicorn Chess, but found a really complicated one that was a lot of trouble to learn or duplicate. So I made one that would fit Equestria as a old fun game, easy to learn simple yet complex with pictures uuu. No worries the main six will still be in here, their just set as a Champion piece for saving Equestria multiple times even Spike gets in it too, for saving the Crystal empire.

Champions are beings that went above and beyond to help pony-kind either by protecting it, being awesome, or really evil, its like a pony version of a Grammy award but instead of keeping it in a shelf and collect dust. The world gets to play with it, and you'll be recognize worldwide even after your dead and gone as a legendary chess piece.

Setting for game: In front of those pieces:
Wizard= Bishop - Earth Pony
Wonderbolt= rook - Pegacorn
Rook = Knight - Pegasus
Immortal = king - Unicorn
Queen= Champion - Unicorn

If theirs any modders or gamemakers out their that want to make this into a actual game go ahead, and send me a note I'll like to help idea wise and I can draw =P mainly because can't figure out how to make it.

Next will be the Champions and Immortals that where left out.

Because I can't read my own writing especially in cursive here is what the main text say.

Alicorn Chess
-Plays differently from Chess, but retains the same board.
-Pawns when reaching the other side of the board turn into a champion or basic unit except a Immortal.
-These are the Basic Units., They represent the Populous.
-Immortals have different movesets and effects changing gameplay, but overall can't be taken.
-If only Champion(s) and Immortal remain, Immortal can now be taken.
*Immortals represent Godlike Beings and Villians, they are the most decorated pieces.
-since Immortals can't be taken, when attack the player being attack sacrifices a piece , the attacking piece doesnt move and the turn ends for the attacker.

-To win take all the pieces except for immortal (champion(s) is optional) . Then take any remaining pieces and immortal piece to win. -History Alicorn chess is played world wide in Equestria, it was created by a filly name Chess Piece as a gift to both Celestia and Luna. The game soon became a classic world wide as it was adapted for other races,. It added Heros and Villians as Immortals and champions, also adding new pieces of other races to play as instead of pony kind, such as zebras, Changelings, Griffions etc. all new pieces are approved by Celestia and Luna. some pieces are BAN in some countries and states such as the Immortal piece King Sombra and his champion Shade in the Crystal empire. Many Important Beings and Villians have a chess piece in Alicorn Chess . Princess Twilight Sparkle is the only being to ever have two pieces a Immortal (of her Alicorn Status) and a Champion Piece (of her Former Unicorn status as Equestrias Heroin).
drawingshady Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Student General Artist
i wanne play :( ......... it's very cool :p
CloudtheLegend2005 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
i can't help but wonder what Applejack's abilities as a Champion piece are...
mama13579 Featured By Owner May 12, 2013
Very interesting
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